Sal Abbinanti on art, comics and selling your childhood

Sal Abbinanti is best known as a comic book artist (“Atomika”) and art dealer for fellow artists such as Alex Ross (“Kingdom Come,” “Astro City”) and Bill Sienkiewicz (“Elektra: Assassin”).

In this edition of The Big Questions, Oak Parker Abbinanti talks about comics, raising kids with pop culture, movies and selling your childhood.

Below is an excerpt of our wide-ranging conversation, but you can listen to the entire interview on our podcast “The Big Questions,” available iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube.

On culling your collections and family photos
It’s just this awful time of your life that you know is coming. You have to do this quick rewind of your life. You have to go through old phone bills and photographs and your grade school report cards. You don’t know what to do with it. Do I throw it away, and am I heartless if I throw it away?

You find a lot of cool stuff. We’re constantly collecting pieces of our youth anyway to remind us of why we started doing this.

I’m like Tom Hanks [in “Cast Away”] on raft, letting the logs go – taking the raft apart, little by little, losing hope.

On comic book art
Most museums—even though you’ve got Basquiat and Lichtenstein, and you’ve got a lot of artists who are pop oriented—they still frown up comic book art. It’s a push, but it depends who you talk to.

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