Mo Ryan on 12 Strategies for Dealing with Grief & Family Crisis

“Grief is a form of love,” says my friend Maureen “Mo” Ryan.

Best known as the La Grange Park-based television critic for HuffPost TV, Ryan has had a rough few years that she’s dubbed the “Parent Apocalypse.”

Four years ago, he mother was a diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, a genetic disorder that Ryan describes as “Alzheimer’s plus Parkinson’s.” In short: it’s a fatal, degenerative disease that causes declines in muscle control, mood and cognition.

Last year, Ryan’s father died, leaving her to look after her mother’s health and affairs.

At the time we recorded a podcast, Ryan had chosen not to get tested for Huntington’s disease. She has a 50 percent chance of carrying the genetic disorder.

Yet, she’s remarkably focused what brings joy and how to deal with grief. Below, Ryan offers 10 strategies for coping with grief and coming to terms with death. For such a dark subject, we laugh a lot.

Below is an excerpt of our conversation, but you can listen to the entire exchange by finding “The Big Questions” on iTunes, YouTube or SoundCloud. “The Big Questions” is part of Sun-Times Media Local’s Podcast Network.

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