Elizabeth Berg on her writing process, theater & her forthcomig book on George Sand

Best-selling author Elizabeth Berg (“Durable Goods,” “Tapestry of Fortunes”) is the guest editor for this issue of the Oak Leaves and is our guest on “The Big Questions” podcast.

Berg, an Oak Park transplant and former nurse, has enjoyed a successful second career as a novelist. Oprah Winfrey chose Berg’s “Open House” for her book club in 2000, which helped the author plant roots in Illinois and buy a house.

In this interview, Berg champions local theater, talks about her writing process, the book she had to shelve and why her forthcoming novel on George Sand was the hardest to write.

Our entire conversation can be downloaded via iTunes and SoundCloud or streamed via YouTube. “The Big Questions” is part of the Sun-Times Media Local Podcast Network.

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